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Urban Poster Mockup

Glued Poster Paper Mockup Vol2


The 80 mockups you find in this package are the result of 5 months work. The long time is explained by the extreme difficulty of this task. The glued papers were photographed in two different light conditions: 40 shots in sunny and 40 shots in cloudy weather. There are two types of paper fiber direction in both light condition: 20 horizontal and 20 vertical.

Our aim was to create a system of layers that makes your work very easy. It requires a coordinated layer system. The layers of each mockup are the same in orders, names and intensity. When you modify one layer eg. opacity 100% to 80%, then you have to set the opacity 80% on the same layer of the other mockup. This is a very important feature if you use several mockups in one picture.


Mockups: 80
Image size: 6000 x 6000 px
Smart Object size: 3324 x 4700 px
Color Depth: 8 bit
Resolution: 72 DPI
File Type: Layered PSD
Requirement: Adobe CS3+
Zip File Size: avarage 281 MB/mockup
Total Zip File Size: 22.5 GB





  • 80 glued poster paper mockups: 20 with horizontal fiber direction, 20 with vertical fiber direction shot in hard light and 20 with horizontal fiber direction, 20 with vertical fiber direction shot in soft light
  • 3 worn textures
  • Cast shadow even outside the paper
  • Editable shadow and highlights
  • Detailed paper texture (mockup: 6000 x 6000 pixel, smart object: 3324 x 4700 pixel, in 72 dpi)
  • True color appearance
  • Easy editing with smart objects
  • Organized layers
  • Detailed Help manual


After the purchase:
You will get an interactive pdf containing the link to download the mockups.




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