• City Light Mockup No389

City Light Mockup No389

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Standard 1185x1750 mm dimension city light mockup from Berlin subway.

Product Specs:

Mockup: 1
Image Size:
 5372 x 8057 px
Resolution: 72 DPI
File Type: Layered PSD
Requirement: Adobe CS3+
File Size: 192 MB

How to Use Smart Objects:

1./ Open your chosen PSD mockup file, then look for a smart object layer called "Place your poster here“ and double click it. As a result the smart object will open up in a new window.

2./ Insert your graphics into the newly opened smart object window and make sure that the graphics fill out the image field.

3./ Make sure you save after adding in your graphics. Saving will update the mockup file with your newly added graphics.